Seasonal workers


Workers who come to Germany to perform jobs in selected sectors (agriculture, tourism) for a limited time, usually at certain periods of the year.


If you are coming to do seasonal work in Germany you need to apply for employment permit.


To carry out seasonal work in Germany, you have to apply for a visa to enter Germany. Once in Germany, you must obtain a residence permit allowing for seasonal work. A bilateral agreement must have been concluded between the German Public Employment Service and employment agencies in your country of origin.

Seasonal work means work for a minimum of 30 hours per week (six hours a day) and for a maximum of six months per calendar year in the following industries:

  • the agricultural sector
  • hotel and restaurant business
  • in fruit and vegetable processing
  • in sawmills.

Seasonal work may also involve persons working in fairs for not more than nine months per calendar year.
There are no restrictions for citizens of the EU with respect to residence and work permits in Germany (freedom of residence inside the EU). However, you must apply for a residence permit for formal reasons. Seasonal workers are allowed to work for three months per year in agriculture, forestry, in the hotel and catering industry, in the vegetable and fruit industry and in sawmills.


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