Vehicle registration


Vehicles may only be put into service on public roads in Germany if they are approved and have an official registration plate number.


Everyone who wants to drive a car in Munich and Germany.


If you want to register a vehicle from abroad, your car first must be identified by the local admission office or you have to convert your foreign vehicle documents. This is necessary in order to get official German vehicle documents.
Once you have the German documents and you are registered with your main residence in Munich you can make an appointment with the local admission office to register your vehicle.


As soon as you have collected all necessary documents.

Good to know

You have to pay fees for the vehicle registration and the official registration number.
You can find an overview of all necessary documents on the website of the Kreisverwaltungsreferat.



Kraftfahrzeugzulassungs- und Fahrerlaubnisbehörde (Vehicle registration and driving license authority)

Landeshauptstadt München (City Of Munich)
Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR) (Department of Public Order)
Hauptabteilung III Straßenverkehr
Eichstätter Straße 2

80686 München